For the safety of the little ones!

With more than 12 years experience in designing and manufacturing child safety car seats, KIND COMFORT is one of the most experienced manufacturers in China. Our full range of Child Car Seats are certified by European standard ECE R44/04, US standard FMVSS213 or Australian AS/NA 2011, etc. Our safety car seats are sold all over the world, in USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Netherland, UK, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, Israel, The Middle East, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, South Africa and etc.

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We keep a good up-to-date information & follow-up about child car seat regulations development in your country area in order to R&D the right products for your market needs. Please kindly contact us and you will obtain more information about our new products.

Tel: +86 574 89018288

Fax:+86 574 89018688

Mail: info@kindcomfort.com、www.kindcomfort.com

ADD: Room 606,6th floor, Hui Ding Mansion #26 Tianjianxiang Road South Business District,Ningbo (China, People’s Republic)