The design of our collection has been developed in cooperation with Western European studios and crafted in-house by our team. The focus of all product development is the pursuit of the highest possible safety, outstanding product design and maximum comfort as well as peak functionality. We pay attention to every single detail, finding inspiration in different places in order to give love, comfort and safety to each of our products.

Designed in Europe / Manufactured in China.

• Latest fashion trends: We spot high-fashion trends and transfer them to our safety car seats.

• Designed in Europe: Some of the best European design studios cooperate with us on our collections.

The main challenge for our engineering team is translating the aesthetic requisites into a functional and intuitive product.

• Produced solely in-house: Our engineers dealt with the product prototyping in all its complex development stages, until its industrialization and moulding. Then it's the time for our own production team to develop and craft the products we proudly present under ISO 9001:2015 quality system.

• Innovative textile solutions: The ergonomic product design and high quality materials offer safety and comfort for the children. REACH is an EU certification that oversees and restricts the use of toxic chemicals in manufacturing in order to reduce associated risks.

Best value for money

Style often comes at a price but we have made it our mission to support the parents in the first years of their child’s growth. Parents make numerous important decisions during their 12+ years of child rearing. Finding the best car seat for an infant and/or toddler is one of those decisions. We strive to provide our customers with products that follow worldwide trends and quality guidelines at competitive prices which correspond to the budget-oriented market: KIND COMFORT is the best value for money on safety car seats.